ARA RESCUE by Eloise Engle


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Miss Engle writes with considerable empathy for the dedicated Pararescuemen of the Air Rescue Service. It is the mission of these highly motivated men to parachute anywhere--tropical forest, island or ice cap-- and perform nursing services while helping the injured survive all hazards. Since 1946 the ARS has rescued more than 60,000 men at a cost of 181 Pararescuemen's lives. This book surveys their incredibly difficult training procedures and displays many typical rescues under all conditions of terrain and weather. These men do not run to a type, as for instance many jet pilots do, but share simply a common desire to save lives--which is also their greatest reward. Individualist though he may be, ""the Pararescueman will be physically sick and sometimes cry as he goes about his grim tasks of recovering mangled bodies of men, women, and children. He is not ashamed of these reactions."" Recently, they have been given the additional job of aiding in the recovery of astronauts and space capsules. Their motto is ""That Others May Live"" and quiet heroism is their daily bread.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1964
Publisher: John Day