DAYDREAMS by Eloise Greenfield


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Daydreamers. . ./. . .thinking up new ways,/looking toward new days,/planning new tries,/asking new whys/. . .reaching with spirit hands/to touch their dreams/drawn from their yesterdays/. . .in their stillness they have moved/forward/toward womanhood/ toward manhood./This dreaming has made them new."" One look at these soft, speckled, bronze and gray drawings of pensive black children, and you get the message that the book is to be approached with reverence. Greenfield's short, misty, poetical text is just as clearly to be read in a respectful whisper. The project seems to have been created to celebrate some abstract ideal rather than evoke any real qualities of children's daydreams. Adults may be impressed. Children with their sensibilities intact will be bored stiff.

Pub Date: June 11th, 1981
Publisher: Dial