FIRST PINK LIGHT by Eloise Greenfield


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Daddy's been away for a month, taking care of Grandma, and Tyree is so eager to see him that he wants to stay up, in his hiding place, to surprise Daddy when he comes. Mama, busy doing her homework, has a face-saving solution: he can sit in the big chair until he sees the morning's first light, then hide. A pillow and blanket help Ty drift off; realizing that Mama has ""won,"" he sleeps happily till Daddy comes and carries him to bed. The author and illustrator, both award winners (including the Coretta Scott King Award for their Nathaniel Talking, 1989), have fashioned an unusually warm family picture: a child secure in the love of both parents, while his mother creatively contrives to respect her child's independence without giving up her own responsible role. Greenfield's graceful text has an appealing natural cadence; in her attractive paintings, Gilchrist is especially adept at conveying character and feeling. A fine contribution.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1991
Publisher: "Black Butterfly (625 Broadway, New York, NY 10012)"