DAVID'S BAD DAY by Else McKean


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Place this here or in the Parent and Teacher group- as it is definitely a parent education project, one that experts- and those who fancy themselves experts- in child psychology will find provides an opening wedge to argument. Definitely not a book to handle as a picture story book, but one to use where it is needed, in growing families, where the problem of the new baby is evident. Through pictures and captions, the story of how David tried to meet head-on the problem of the baby brother who took up too much time and attention -- and of how young parents finally realized their responsibility in helping him -- is exceedingly well handled. The situations are normal ones- the content material throughout (with few minor exceptions) is first rate. Too bad the quality of the photography and reproduction is not higher.... This book introduces a new venture, which holds real possibilities of development. There are two film strips based on this book, released by Young America Films, Inc. Publicity attendant on a feature illustrated story in the New York Times Magazine of May 8th has created a definite amount of interest in the book which presents realistic stories about children's feelings.

Publisher: Shady Hill Press