A MAN FORBID by Else Reed
Kirkus Star


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A Canadian port -- probably Nova Scotia -- is the scene for an extraordinarily haunting psychological novel of atmosphere. Over the town -- over the people -- falls a strangely ominous sense of impending disaster, simultaneous with the arrival in town of a huge negro sailor, visiting the port from a brigantine, and capturing the passions and imaginations and fears of the people. Victims of his evil genius are small, sensitive Gertrude, seventh child of a seventh child; lusty Ellen; sex-starved great aunt Lucinda. The stream of consciousness method -- the mounting horror -- culminating in the murder of Ellen, the madness of great-aunt Lucinda -- seem inextricably interwoven. And not until small Gertrude knows that the negro has been captured and will hang in Halifax, does the tension dissipate. An oddly fascinating book -- beautifully done. Sell to customers who like horror stories -- stories of the Poe variety. -- And, she can write.

Publisher: Morrow