MINE TO LOVE by Elsie Mack


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The adult married problems of Julia and Tom -- and their three grown daughters -- form the core of this women's magazine appeal novel. Julia's determination that her children shall know only safety and happiness in engendering her marriage, for Tom points out examples of youngsters who have been experienced in more adult life, but she continues to be a crutch to all three. Olive is permitted to return home when she will not join her husband Joe on the farm he loves; Janie's elopement with Ivor opens up the house to them and their coming baby; Tom has to go vacationing alone because of Julia's unwillingness to let her family stand on their own feet. But when she hears the truth about herself, when Dinah runs home to Mother from college, Julia at last lays down the law -- and in humbleness -- and despair -- joins Tom. Marriage at the turning point, a cut above soap opera style, makes this a good, safe, rental bet.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1950
Publisher: Avalon