OFF MY TOES! by Elsie Masterton


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Elsie Masterton's reminiscences recorded as in a diary tell the story of her life on Blueberry Hill, Vermont, the site of her now renowned Inn, which boasts nothing whatever to do and gourmet meals prepared by the author! The peculiar conditions of this locale precluded the original idea of a ski resort and led to the present conception of vacation. Until our heroine discovered her talent for cooking, trials and heartaches were the order of the day. Then came her amusing and amazing venture into the canning business begun with a single blueberry jam experiment and climaxed by a full fledged money making mail order project. Next on the agenda for sheer enjoyment are the anecdotes, some laughable, others infuriating, concerning the guests and hired help of Blueberry Hill. The seasoned maturity of the woman, her courage and ability to venture out toward the unique are apparent even in her tragic but victorious bout with cancer which she includes as the wind-up to her most readable wholly human autobiography.

Pub Date: June 29th, 1961
Publisher: Little, Brown