BY LIGHT OF SUN by Elsie Symington


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Our Garden Book editor. Gene Simmonds, writes of this book:- ""A unique contribution that will fit on half a dozen tables in your shop, a fund of valuable information, penetrating philosophy, spiritual strength and teeming life, gleaned from a lifetime of gardening. Though it does not claim to be a practical garden book, it lays bare the innermost secrets of becoming a successful gardener:- to meditate, to philosophize, to work as one with the soil and spirit, that is to learn to love beautifully, serenely and well. The author has forged ahead, faced life's challenges, cleared her fences. Successive gardens symbolized her progress as a gardener, a person. The book is written with gaiety, humor, pathos and sensitivity. It is never pious, but it is a book with a soul. ""....Sell as autogiography of a background of changing scenes of personal life, and outline data, thinly camouflaged, of her own family. At times there's a note of F F M (First Family of Maryland) which may well give the book a certain snob appeal. Woodcuts by Clare Leighton, at her best. The two Garden Club conventions (Syracuse and Rochester) this month are doing some advance promotion on the book. Tie in with your garden club, build advance promotion now, when local representatives come back to report to local clubs.

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 1941
Publisher: Putnam