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A DUCK AND A SOCK by Elspeth Rae


From the Meg and Greg series

by Elspeth Rae & Rowena Rae ; illustrated by Elisa Gutiérrez

Pub Date: April 14th, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-4598-2490-4
Publisher: Orca

High-interest, low-reading-level stories present a fun way to reinforce phonics skills for readers who need a boost.

Best friends Meg and Greg face tricky situations and daring adventures in several entertaining tales. Dilemmas range from replacing a sibling’s missing fish to helping ranch animals escape from a wildfire; they will hold readers’ interest as they create opportunities to bolster phonics skills. Each of the four segments contains episodic chapters in prose paired with comics-style panels, cartoon illustrations, and speech bubbles that will foster engagement and support reading development. Labeled illustrations and end-of-segment extension activities provide additional opportunities for practice centered on the specific phonogram (“ck,” for instance, or “sh”) highlighted in that section. These stories are geared toward emerging readers who are a bit older than the typical beginning reader and are thoughtfully designed to appeal to this older audience with eye-catching graphics and more-complex situations. This is Book 1 in a series intended for children just learning to read or readers with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, to be shared alongside a more experienced reader. Short explanations and strategies for each new phonogram introduced as well as plenty of helpful tips for using the book to support learning are included. Dyslexia-friendly features are integrated into the book. All characters present as white in the illustrations.

A carefully formatted book with supportive features baked in brings new energy to the task of learning to read.

(glossary, tips) (Graphic/fiction hybrid. 6-9)