THERE IS A TIME by Elspeth ragdon


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Fifteen-year-old Nat Weston had been entered in countless camps and boarding schools, and thrown out of almost as many. In desperation, his author/father speaks with the headmaster of his alma mater (from which his son has recently been ounced) about Nat's problems. The head of the school suggests that Mr. Weston go with his son to Outcrop, where Mr. Weston had also gone as a boy--, a cottage in Maine which belonged to the school. It is a strange summer of reckonings, of realizations for the son and of reawakening for the father, and eventually of mutual understanding between the two. Nat's friendship with two town boys is clearly illuminated, as well as his more complex one with Sue, a silent mysterious girl. In the disentangling of mystery, Nat finds that the burden of the past weighs heavily the present -- a discovery which brings about a new awareness of his father's motives. By the author of One To Make Ready (1959, p. 144, J-78), another honest, uasi-psychological study.

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