REMEMBER TODAY by Elswyth Thane


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This lacks the subtlety of Elswyth Thane's historical romances, it is good rental library modern romance, with the earmarks of a Hollywood vehicle and a good one. A childhood romance on a Reno ranch; years of separation only to meet again when the girl is part of an ""act"" at the rodeo in Madison Square Garden, and the youth is a Princeton undergraduate with years in England behind him and the depression immediately before him. A Hollywood screen contract separates them again -- and they meet, when the youth's pride is saved by a promising assignment, just too late -- she has married her leading man. England again, shortly before the war, and finally they are both free, and their romance comes to fruition. The frame, guardian angels and all, is hampering and contributes nothing, but artificial transitions.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce