THE LIGHT HEART by Elswyth Thane


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I've liked these stories of the Days and the Spragues, largely because I've begun to have the sort of friendly feeling for the family, in successive generations, that I have for the Whitecaks of Jalna. The last novel bridged the Atlantic, with two inter-marriages, so now the fourth in this Williamsburg Pentalogy, again is set partly in Williamsburg, partly in New York, partly in London (and briefly in central Europe). This time World War I provides a somewhat shadowy background, while England of two coronations- Edward VII and George V- spans the story, and provides shifting focus on custom and tradition. Once again it is a story of the Spragues and the Days, and now their English connections; Phoebe, cousin (and niece) of Cousin Sue is heading into a situation of the ""world well lost for love"". Cousin Sue finds a way to rescue her from a childlike devotion to ""poor Cousin Miles""- and sends her abroad, only to have her conscience block her acceptance of the inevitability of her headlong precipitation into love for Oliver- and he for her- despite his engagement to the jealous Maia. So Phoebe goes back to marry her Miles and finds she can't go through with it; but her decision comes too late. A career gives her security without happiness; a war takes her back to Europe, with intention to rescue Rosalind from her German Prince -- and again she finds in Oliver the same overwhelming love. At the close, both are freed- the situations are contrived, but the outcome is all to the good.

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 1947
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce