THE RECOVERY OF FAMILY LIFE by Elton & Pauline Trueblood
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Professor Trueblood has been rendering a great service to the cause of religion by his books and lectures summoning Christians to a revitalized faith. In the writing of this book his wife joins him, appropriately enough, since it deals with the family and they wanted to write out of the tested experience of their own family life. The author's aim is to depict an enduring ideal for the family which is realizable and attractive. The opening chapter deals with ""The Withering Away of the Family"", documented by the records of increasing divorce, juvenile, delinquency, feminine escapism, and domestic conflict. When there is set forth the idea of the family ""in which each does what be can and receives what he needs, ""which is described as the highest known ideal. Mrs. contributes a chapter on ""The Vocation of Married Woman"", her husband Fatherhood"". In the concluding chapter a vital religious faith expression of it is set forth as one of the great of family , like all books bearing the Trueblood Christians.

Publisher: Harper