THE VOLGA: Lifeline of Russia by Elvajean Hall

THE VOLGA: Lifeline of Russia

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The Volga is as major a waterway in Russia as the Nile is in Egypt and this brief history centered on the Volga is full of some very good things. The river has a continuing role in agriculture, and gives industry a central point for the survey of Russian history from antiquity forward. The colorful characters involved with transport on the Volga or the Volga uprisings against the czars allow for the inclusion of legends. The extremes of the river -- in terms of temperature and the once uncontrollable cycles of drought and famine- provide the author with effective examples of contrast and lead in to the description of the presently harnessed power of a great river, still a source and substance of history and industry.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1965
Publisher: Rand McNally