PILGRIM STORIES by Elvajean Hall
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Fifty years ago, Margaret Pumphrey's Pilgrim Stories was a basic historical source for early graders. Today, Elvajean Hall has adapted and revised the original for a modern audience whom we feel sure will derive as much from the book as their predecessors. Since the ""plot"" has been, shortened, retold and re-accepted for over three centuries, we admire this author's ability to designate each event of the Pilgrims' voyage and settlement with accuracy and proper perspective. Here are the details of the Separatists' sojourn in Holland, their return to England and their arduous ocean voyage. Youngsters accustomed to the charming sentimental tales told at Thanksgiving may be shocked by the realistic plight of the Pilgrims -- the hardships of the first winter, the dreariness of a Christmas celebrated aboard ship, the difficult expeditions into unknown territory -- in an unromanticized, vital treatment. The list of boys and girls who made the voyage appears at the end, lending an odd note of immediacy to a popularized event in American history.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1961
Publisher: Rand McNally