LOVE FROM SANDY by Elwynne Berger


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The not always ""adhesive"" thoughts of Sandy Sanderson, set to paper in her letters home from England, reflect the effervescent and enterprising character of their contributor and have a young, bright burble. And while the sites and statuary do not impress her, and she finds the food- and the climate- austere, she responds to the extra-curricular phases of her education with enthusiasm. There's the crossing on the Liberte with 22 Rhodes scholars- all of whom could be hers- but from whom she selects Steve who is very ""deep""; there's Dave, in Paris, who offers a more dependable type of devotion; there's the romance she instills between loveless Miss Day and a professor, which does not founder but flourishes behind her back. Her resourceful activities come to a close when she is sent down, after organizing a student demonstration, to be salvaged from disgrace by the intervention of the now kindly Miss Day... Sandy- as she bats her lashes- and bridles- at the British, is an engaging eighteen, and her letters have an impromptu, impudent charm.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1953
Publisher: Lippincott