TOTAL PEACE by Ely Culbertson


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We have seen nothing more of the actual text than the original pamphlet material issued by Garden City, and a brochure which breaks down the outline, expands the thesis, and quotes from authorities who have passed judgment -- favorable judgment -- on the Culbertson plan. The book will fall into two parts: --What Makes Wars and How to Organise Peace. There will be full color maps including maps showing the specific plane he projects as applied to world territories, -- basic sones, location of Mobile Corps, charts of structure of World Court of Equity and Geopolitical relations of Malayeian and American regions, charts of Quota Force mechanism in its solution of basic problems of the International Police Force, etc. His World Federation Plan is based on a regional principle, with quota representation. Whether one agrees or not with the soundness of his thesis (many will question his assumption that Anglo -- American representation be greater than Russian or Chinese, for instance), there is much that is provocative and challenging in his blueprint for world peace. And there is no plan that has been so widely publicised. Even those to whom the science of mathematics as a basis for human control is suspect, will find it interesting as a springboard.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran