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RUSSIA IN REVOLUTION by E.M. & Eds. of Horizon Magazine Halliday



Pub Date: Dec. 20th, 1967
Publisher: American Heritage-Harper & Row

The previous paucity of material on the Russian revolution has been corrected recently by several sound biographical, historical and doctrinal treatments, especially the generally excellent Goldston study. This covers much of the same ground, continuing a little later, in a much briefer text, and it is necessarily more summary in dealing with events, more superficial in dealing with men and ideas. The visual implementation--about half the book--is sometimes integral, sometimes mostly decorative, sometimes rather dubious (photos of soldiers, sailors, refugees that could be anyone anywhere, idealized Soviet paintings not always identified as such). Not quite objectionable, despite the occasionally trite style (Lenin bubbles with optimism), just a popular product that demands little of the reader and may serve for that reason.