THE DANUBE by Emil Lengyel
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Another great river celebrated in a book, significant at this particular time. ""From the Black Forest to the Black Sea"" its course is followed and it is the unifying theme for a commentary on the nations bordering on it or its tributaries. Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Roumania and the smaller Balkan countries are critically examined, their people, history and their present political situation. Personalities from Ludwig I of Bavaria to Konrad Henlein are introduced, and the author's first-hand knowledge of current affairs in the Danubian countries and his presentation of them is strikingly effective. The tone is anti-Nazi and pessimistic and the writing has stretches of power. The Nile has opened a market for this -- go to it.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1939
ISBN: 0548442363
Publisher: Random House