A BEAVER'S STORY by Emil Liers


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The close-knit family life of the beaver is shown in this account of the lives of three year old mother beaver Akella and Haloka, the male beaver who becomes her mate in Wisconsin. Akella is well cared for by her mate as are the beaver kits she had when she met him. When Akella presents Haloka with his own kits he proves a good father to both broods. Their happy family life is inadvertently interrupted by Harry, the conservation warden, who separates the family. But when he realizes that they were all one family he regrets his mistake and the little beaver family is reunited. Though this presents the dangers and skills of beaver life, it moves slowly. The author has drawn on actual beavers he has known, but there is not the immediscy to the telling which stamps the outstanding nature writer.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1958
Publisher: Viking