HINDENBURG: The Saga of the German Republic by Emil Ludwig
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HINDENBURG: The Saga of the German Republic

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Here is the ""Now It Can Be Told"" of the German Republic -- of the German Civil War -- of the German handling and mishandling of the forces of the field and the state during the Great War. Interwoven through a convincing and dramatically told story, is the portrait of Hindenburg, victim of his traditions, his training, his temperament and his loyalties. It's an extraordinary piece of characterization, sympathetic and yet at the same time objective, and the inexorable forces of the fate that drove the German people to their present state of being, are brought to bear with an astoundingly detached and analytical mind. A book, that in view of the present crisis would be sure to leap to the forefront of best-sellerdom, and that, in addition, is one of the best things Ludwig has done. The publishers are putting the big push of their Spring ""offensive"" back of it -- and it is assured the backing of advertising, publicity and general interest in the man and the subject.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1935
Publisher: Winston