HOW NOT TO GET PREGNANT: Your Guide to Simple, Reliable, Contraception by

HOW NOT TO GET PREGNANT: Your Guide to Simple, Reliable, Contraception

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From a familiar expert on getting pregnant, up-to-the-minute advice on safe, reliable contraception. Silber (How To Get Pregnant) cites as his ideal not zero population growth--just that each child be wanted: ""It is my personal view that there is always room in the world for more children. But it should be when you want it so your child will have a fair chance."" Silber is ""not even talking parents' rights here, we are talking about the child's right to be born with love and to be wanted."" With this as his basis, he describes how pregnancy occurs; then covers each contraceptive method: natural birth control (which can be quite reliable), breast-feeding as birth control, and the Pill--""the birth control pill is dearly the most popular method of contraception in the developed world for women under the age of thirty,"" and, Silber feels with some caveats, safe. The IUD can no longer be obtained in the US (the result of some irresponsible lawsuits and poor legislation is the view here); barrier methods are good; vasectomy and tubal ligations can now be considered reversible if done properly, says Silber; new methods on the horizon include skin implants, nose drops, and the male pill. Silber is clear on how each of these works, its benefits and dangers; he also gives his opinion on each for women seeking expert guidance. Throughout, he comes down hard on damaging law suits, poor medical care, and irresponsible companies such as A.H. Robins (makers of the Dalkon shield), who, he argues, are unfairly affecting the practice and development of sound, responsible medicine. Clear, expert advice, then, that also delivers an expert opinion.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1987
Publisher: Scribners