PROFILE OF AMERICA by Emily- Ed. Davis
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This is an ""autobiography of America"" through the words of many of her spokesmen; and the founding and growth of a nation from conception to the present is measured in magnificent terms of the men and women who gave her greatness. Emily Davie has done a superb editing job in presenting the words of America's great men from Leif Ericsson to Dwight D. Eisenhower -- under headings entitled Settling the New Land; Government; Religious, Moral and Economic Struggles; Spanning the Continent; Agriculture and Conservation; Achievements (Inventions, Discoveries, Enterprise); America at War; Education; American Expression; As Others See Us. An example of coverage is Government, which includes the Constitution, Marbury vs. Madison; the correspondence of Macaulay and Garfield; Washington's Farewell Speech, the Monroe Doctrine, Wilson's fourteen points; the UN Charter. Roger Williams, William Bradford, Cotton Mather, Zenger of the free press; Lewis and Clark, Fairfield Osborn; Fulton; Whitney; Edison; Wright; Peary; Lindbergh; Rickenbacker; Carniege; Rockefeller; Du Pont; Ford --these are among the men who sing America's story. Selections from McGuffey's Reader; poems and fragments of prose in the literary field from Bradstreet to the architectural theories of Wright give an idea of the directness and scope of the treasury. The accent is positive, even when relating to Indian affairs, the hard climb of the Negro to equality, and the inclusions of outsiders; views are historical rather than political, being those of Mrs. Trollope, for one. Impressively illustrated with over 200 photographs, this is an inspiring record which should find its way to many family tables and help make friends for America.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1954
Publisher: Crowell