THE LETTERS OF BEETHOVEN: Three Volumes boxed by Emily-Ed. ? Transl. Anderson


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This virtually definitive collection of Beethoven's letters and documents of relative interest covers 40 years, from his youth in Bonn to his death in Vienna. The last collection was the Kastuer-Kapp popular edition of the letters (1923)- and the generally considered authoritative Shedlock translation of Kalisher's standard edition dates back to 1909 and has long been out of print. Miss Anderson, in her years of research, travel and study, has pursued clues brought to knowledge by Dr. Bodiner, whose untimely death closed his search. He had located and acquired some 400 hitherto unknown letters for an extraordinary collection. World wide distribution- extending even to Southern Rhodesia and to the Orients the danger -- and existence- of forgeries; the inaccessibility of some of the material (aided by today's facilities of photostating and microfilming) -- all this forms a background to Miss Anderson's devoted and scholarly study. Then too she has retranslated from the originals, an English translation that will stand the test of time. The present edition, therefore, contains nearly 1,600 letters- 230 of which are not in any German edition and 40 for first time in unabridged form. Appendices and explanatory notes add to the documentation of what for the devoted audience will be an essential item. Music libraries and scholarly reference shelves in public and college libraries please note.

Pub Date: Dec. 15th, 1961
Publisher: St Martin's Press