FLOATING ISLAND by Emily Kimbrough


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Emily afloat again in foreign parts, this time on the canals of France with her old friends Skinner and ""General"" Sophie and a group of genial cronies. Two actors, two playwrights, two relatives, a surgeon (appropriately a Rear Admiral), jovially collide, bump heads and heave-to when necessary on the converted barge. It's all relaxed and full of the little travel surprises and emergencies that inspire middle-aged jollity. The goodly company set sail from a village on the Seine, cruised the canals, and stopped for side trips to monuments by bicycle, on foot, and in a faithful Volks. Another idyllic voyage, and if Miss Kimbrough's mono-log reflects the lulling lap of the waves, her followers won't mind.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row