BETTER THAN OCEANS by Emily Kimbrough


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Once again Miss Kimbrough and friends cruise the French canals in a handsomely appointed barge (Floating Island, 1968), and here she also reports on five days on the waterways of Connecticut and New York. Again the author fluffs up those moments of mild flurry a group of gently tweedy Americans are bound to experience when faced with the untoward; but this time Miss Kimbrough is less inclined than usual to whoop, with felicitous results. Among the amusing highlights: bathing abroad, a matter of horizontal acrobatics; the chitty-chitty-bang-bang of gathering the traveling clan; travails in the baroque bureaucracy of a local post office; and cohabitation with the French language, which can distort the senses (""that was where an ambulance found itself""). All along the scenery is fine, and the crew convivial. The account of the New York trip is slapdash, but on the whole this is the kind of peregrination those of Kimbrough and company vintage will pronounce jolly.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row