THE JOY OF LESBIAN SEX by Emily L. & Bertha Harris Sisley


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One of a pair of companion volumes on the order of The Joy of Sex and More Joy. In fact there's so much joy around these days that Crown may well float away on a miasma of unrepressed sexuality. Just to hedge everybody's bets, however, this one is accompanied by an un-Comfort-able disclaimer: ""We do not seek to imply that the authors and editor of The Joy of Sex share a lesbian view of sexual satisfaction, nor that they give their blessing to this book."" Well, you certainly couldn't tell by the format, which is a carbon copy of earlier Joys. There's the same sort of art--for the most part, black and white line drawings that depict female couples in varying degrees of explicit joyfulness; and the same not-quite-alphabetized dictionary format--catchy headlines, followed by detailed explanations of the word, position, or sociological phenomenon. (Truck driver, for example, is defined as ""diesel dyke,"" ""Sometimes derogatory slang, sometimes an affectionate in-joke."") All of which permits the same sort of alarming non sequitur that was rampant in the heterosexual Joy books. A paragraph on ""Leather,"" for example, is followed by a pages-long dissertation on ""Legal Matters,"" with subsections on such things as custody, real estate, and wills.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1977
Publisher: Crown