OTTO THE GROWLY BOY by Emily & Paul Kennedy


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Otto emerges in both words and pictures as a child with a rotten disposition. His expression is the reverse of a smile, his conversation is a series of snarls, and his specialty is rudeness. One morning, he awakes to find a ""gorgle"" on his bed. This is a silly monster who will not leave Otto, who would rather be alone. Everyone tells Otto that he'd ""laugh if you knew how easy it is to get rid of a gorgle"". Due to one of the gorgle's sillier sallies, the bilious boy is finally moved to laughter. His whole family run to see this and then the whole town. The gorgle decides to leave because the sunny Otto doesn't need him any more. An amateur story that fails to disguise the sermonette and with illustrations that seem more hasty than artful.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1964
Publisher: Prentice-Hall