A CUP FOR JANET by Emily Thorne


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A pleasant time passer, with no strain on the gray matter, which might well appeal to a cross section of those who like any horse story- and those who like somewhat emasculated Westerns. It is a romance of a young girl in the blue grass country. Janet is the granddaughter of Major Sayre, who has only five horses left of a once proud stable. The family fortunes need recouping, and all place high hopes on a promising colt, Last Chance. Meanwhile back at the ranchhouse, Tom Sheridan, Yankee school teacher, arrives with a legacy of twenty horses and no place to put them. So he leases pasturage and stabling from Blue Meadows. The villain of the piece turns out to be a professional man with the horses, Stan Bogue, who tries to sabotage Sheridan's string when the races come round. Both men court the girl- and its anyone's guess who wins.

Publisher: Bouregy & Curl