A CHANCE TO BELONG by Emma Atkins Jacobs


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In 1947 Winston published Vicki's Mysterious Friend by the author, a wholesome story about a 19 year old who wanted to become an interior decorator. Equally wholesome and perhaps deeper, is Czechoslovakian Jan's story of adjustment to life in America and the problems that can crop up when the struggle is between doing the right thing for his school and placating an exacting father. Musical, scientific Jan, whose father runs a plant nursery and greenhouses, has spent four rather dull years at Central High. As a senior he's asked by pretty Barbara Courtenay to play the violin in a small group. Conscientious as he is towards helping at home, Jan is temporarily thwarted by his father's disapproval, but a genuine search for understanding, forgiveness, and Jan's increasing fun at school bring the needed release.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1953
Publisher: Henry Holt