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by Emma Cane

Pub Date: Dec. 26th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-06-210229-4
Publisher: Avon/HarperCollins

Hometown hero and wanderer Adam Desantis is back in Valentine Valley, concerned about his grandma; he doesn’t intend to stay in the town that he never fit into, and he definitely knows better than to get involved with Brooke Thalberg, daughter of the richest rancher in the valley—no matter what his heart says.

Brooke remembers troublemaker Adam Desantis from their high school days, but maybe it’s his haunted eyes or his respectful manners that convince her he’s not the same boy who left. He’s all man, and from the second he appears from nowhere to help her save her beloved horses from a burning barn, she’s aware of him in a way she’s never been before—with anyone. Sexual attraction sizzles between them, but when her father hires Adam to work on the ranch, she knows she’ll have to keep her hands to herself; she’ll be his boss, after all. Easier said than done, though, and Adam and Brooke enter into a hot, secret affair. Working with him all day gives her insight into the smart, honorable man he’s become, and there’s no question he sets her senses on fire. But Adam’s only in town to check on his grandmother, and Mrs. Palmer’s as healthy as a horse. Falling in love would be a risky move, given his determination to leave and his wariness toward getting involved with a Thalberg. Cane’s second Valentine Valley book is sweet, passionate and engaging. A compelling romance between primary characters with connected-though-not-shared childhoods, the story offers an intriguing arc of overcoming past misconceptions and assumptions, while Adam and Brooke each face major crossroads that are complicated by their relationship.  Secondary characters add amusing and grounding details, fortifying the worldbuilding and enhancing the backdrop of the small town that helps the book succeed.

A textured, satisfying romance with a cast of characters you care about and a community that draws you in.