"I LOVE YOU, BLUE KANGAROO!" by Emma Chichester Clark


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Blue Kangaroo is Lily's favorite stuffed animal. They play all day and sleep entwined at night. Then a gathering swarm of stuffed animal gifts invades their perfect world and cuts into Blue Kangaroo's quality time. Indeed, in bed the young marsupial is shuttled further and further from Lily as new beasts--a tiny teddy, a green crocodile, a yellow rabbit, and more--are added, until he finds himself on the floor, having been squeezed right out. Blue Kangaroo wanders off and discovers the baby's room, and his two waiting arms. When Lily finds Blue Kangaroo with the baby the next day, she snatches him back. The baby wails. Lily hands over all the other stuff animals: ""He can have these, but nobody can have Blue Kangaroo!"" Such a sudden case of protectiveness looks suspect; it's nice to think that Lily's rekindled desire for Blue Kangaroo is the product of undying love, but less noble motivations are more obviously applicable. Young readers will enjoy debating the source of Lily's actions--to outdo the baby, or to remind them all that she loves Blue Kangaroo first, and best.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1999
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Doubleday