WE LIVE TO BE FREE by Emma Golders Sterne
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This is a most interesting and unusual book with a possible adult sale, it should provide plenty of material for your local ministers and speakers. It is a history of democratic and liberal thought and action from the time of Solon, constantly impressing the reader with the reflections that ""ideas are warriors"", ""every citizen must be equal under the law"", ""democracy is a way of living together devised by man so that he may be free"", ""no man is good enough to govern another man"" and other such pertinent and forceful quotes. The author uses italics, blacker print and quotations for accent, no one can read the book without growing in understanding of the great forces now at war in the world and of the principles for which we fight. She covers the ideals of Solon, Socrates, Manlius Torquatus, Jesus, St. Francis, Luther, Roger Williams, Jefferson, George Washington, (who said ""This is not a fox-hunt, but a war for freedom"", a furious remark to arouse his people). We find the aims of the French Revolution, those in Spain, in Russia and China, the theories of Veblen, phrases from Wallace, Benes, Marx, the fights against monopolies, and so forth. There is much of Whitman and many other broad-minded men. ""We, the People"" must read such as this to learn of the constant drive there has been in history towards greater fairness.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1942
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart