LITTLE DUCHESS: Anne of Brittany by Emma L. Brock

LITTLE DUCHESS: Anne of Brittany

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A new type of book for Emma Brock- this stilted sort of biographical study, thinly fictionized with authentic decoration, and imagined conversation and responses imposed on historical events. (I prefer Emma Brock in her own field.) The book tells of the childhood of Anne of Brittany, brought up to a conviction of the greatness of her country, the importance of her role as heir to her father's throne. The period is late 15th century- in a Europe torn by dissension, with Brittany a prize sought-through marriage to little Anne- by princes of every land. Somehow, the characters and the situations and the settings never come to life. They are of a piece with the studied quality of the line drawings. A disappointing book.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1948
ISBN: 054845423X
Publisher: Knopf