THE PLAID COW by Emma L. Brock


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Here are five simple tales each about another part of the world and all constructed on the barest of story lines. The Pland Plaid Cow tells of an old woman (Mielikki) and her search for her missing cow (Kyllikki). The god of the forest finds him and the two are magically transported home...Peter and the Wild Rice shows the part a young boy plays in sowing and preparing wild rice for his Indian tribe... In Two Fishermen a boy and his grandfather grapple forcefully with a New England storm. The Lussi Queen is a Swedish girl, chosen by her classmates to be queen at an important festival...The Pinata is a charming ment of a Spanish custom in which children are given turns to break a huge fake rooster which houses all of their Christmas goodies. Generally viewed, this is uneven in appeal.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Knopf