MIDNIGHT PATRIOT by Emma L. Patterson


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Young Philip Van Dorn and his wife, Joanna, living in New York in 1776, find themselves on different sides of the fence when the British take over the city. Joanna and her father and brother are Whigs, prepared to fight for freedom; Philip, neutral but under the influence of his Tory friends, is a keen disappointment. But, unknown to his wife, Philip is acting as a spy for the Colonial Army, in the city and up the Hudson. Midnight meetings, arrest, near hanging, make his work endlessly dangerous, and glimpses of familiar revolutionary figures of the Hudson River campaigns make history familiar and exciting. Despite periods of jealousy and misunderstanding, all ends happily. Good historical fiction, which boys and girls will like equally. There have been a number of good stories of this period (particularly Eric's Girls by Gladys Malvern and Decker's The Rebel and the Turncoat). Decorative spots.

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 1949
Publisher: Longmans, Green