EMILY'S VOYAGE by Emma Smith
Kirkus Star


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In Emily the Guinea Pig the British have produced another prime traveler complete with umbrella. Emily is devoted to her tidy house and her untidy brother, Arthur, but periodically the urge to travel overwhelms her. Her friend the Weasel arranges the desired sea voyage, and, with the aid of two taciturn Brown Owls, Emily finds herself aboard a schooner bound for an unknown destination. The Captain, a hare of imposing appearance, spends his time below composing poetry, while a clever young Water Rat, aided by Emily and the stowaway Weasel, mans the ship. All goes well until the night when a raging storm tosses the schooner up on the rocks off a desert island. They are marooned. But, like others before them, they find the island a paradise of warm sand and ready food. Only Emily thinks of home. Meanwhile, back at the house, her brother Arthur is ensconced in Emily's kitchen with his friends, enjoying their favorite brew of black currant syrup in boiling water. A note from Emily, delivered by Brown Owl, obliges him--reluctantly--to undertake her rescue. Arthur, the confirmed stay-at-home, is beguiled by the island. He would remain, but no--Emily has packed her bag and folded her umbrella. She wants to go home. A strong draft from Wind in the Willows.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1966
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World