DAWN ON OUR DARKNESS by Emmanuel Robles


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From the French, a drama projects rather than probes a matter of conscience when a doctor in a small, Sardinian village elects to become his brother's keeper and thereby assumes built in another man's crime. Valerio, indifferent in his marriage to Angela who only offers him a childish devotion, and supremely satisfied in his affair with Clara, has a cake which he can also eat since Clara will follow him to a wealthier practice in Naples and Angela's demands are minimal. But he becomes involved in a local affair which promises to scuttle his future when he shelters Sandro, who has justifiably killed a man. Valerio faces not only the unnerving vigilance of the police, but also the defection of Angela, and it is only Clara who understands his sense of responsibility towards Sandro. But Sandro relieves him of the burden, escapes to hang himself.... Robles writes with energy rather than subtlety; with much of the sensuous delectation of Moravia- but a stronger moral concern. His novel however is less likely to attract American tastes and has a very foreign flavor.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1954
Publisher: Messner