DIAGRAM FOR LIVING: The Bible Unveiled by Emmet Fox

DIAGRAM FOR LIVING: The Bible Unveiled

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This volume is culled from sermons and lectures given by the author in many places in this country and abroad. Its aim is to present a ""cross-section"" of the Bible in narrative form. In fact, however, the material consists of explanations and teachings about the state of the human soul, based upon familiar texts and episodes in the Bible. The author sees the Bible as essentially symbolic. The characters and events in Scripture are to be taken as symbols of the reader's own soul-experiences. The geography of the Bible, Biblical numbers, and even the Hebrew alphabet, are to be seen as having the same symbolic significance. Reading the Bible in this way, rather than ""literally,"" the author is able to find a basis for his ideas in ways that may surprise even the careful Biblical scholar. Of Jacob's confrontation with the angel, he writes. ""As a result of this experience, he came to realize the unreality of matter and the allness of God"" concepts surely strange to the Hebrew mind. The name Israel is a composite formed from Isis, Egyptian goddess of the feminine principles, Rah, the Egyptian god of the masculine principle, and El, the Hebrew suffix for God -- again an astonishing if somewhat suspect exegesis! However followers of Dr. Fox will probably receive this volume as one more utterance of the master.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row