THE TOMBS OF ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL by Engelbert Kirschbaum
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**Since the announcement about eight years ago of the discovery of the original grave of St. Peter under the Confessio of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome, there has been a great deal of critical comment on the subject, some of it quite negative, and archaeological researches have continued. The present volume, written by one of the experts involved in the excavations undertaken at the direction of Pope Pius XII and reported on officially in 1951, presents the whole story of past and recent findings, which lead the author to defend the position that circumstantial evidence warrants the conclusion with historical certainty that the original tomb of the prince of the apostles has been found under St. Peter's. Provisional conclusions about the tomb of St. Paul are also discussed. The book is replete with illustrative drawings, diagrams and authoritative color and monochrome plates. It contains a chronology and an index. The text provides a detailed description of all relevant excavations, an interpretative account of the same, and a critique of the critics. The sole aim is to acquaint the specialist and the general reader with all the relevant data on which to base a personal opinion. A clear, scholarly, fascinating, persuasive account that is sure to interest any intelligent reader. Imprimatur.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1959
Publisher: St. Martin's Press