BESS OF COBB'S HALL by Enid Dinnis


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A biographical and historical novel of the Maid of Cobb's Hall, Elizabeth Barton, saint and martyr, her visions, sufferings and genius. The book opens with her stay in the service of an extremely sympathetic family where she was greatly loved for her kindnesses to the poor and to children. After a period of illness in 1525 she commenced going into trances and uttered prophecies which brought her great fame. She entered a convent in Canterbury where she continued her prophecies which took on a political tone dangerous to the government, as she foretold dire consequences to Henry VIII in the event that he divorce Katherine Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn. A serious obstacle to Henry, she was arraigned before Cranmer and forced to confess herself an impostor. Her simplicity and godliness misunderstood, she was condemned to death for treason. A fascinating story, which should appeal to older girls as well as adults.

Publisher: Bruce