THE STORY OF CRAZY HORSE by Enid Lamonte Meadowcroft
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An earnest and almost completely successful attempt to represent the Indian view of the encroachment on Sioux territory by false-tongued whites is given in this biography of the great chief Crazy Horse. From the council at Fort Laramie with a treaty broken in Indian eyes by the whites, through the move to Powder River country and the Fort Kearny episode, the Cheyenne massacre, the overwhelming of Custer, the turning to the reservations and the treacherous killing of Crazy Horse,- the author takes her hero and shows Indian views of war and whites. Crazy Horse's development, his vision and earning of his name in battle, his hatred of the massacring whites which turned to resignation in the realization that his people would starve if they continued to fight them, leads to side glimpses of the buffalo hunt, war, tribal ways. The emphasis is more on misunderstandings through language, values and customs that were strange than on the more basic issue of white expansion which while mentioned (as of the opening of the road West) is not set in perspective. A good job.

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap