SALLY'S REAL ESTATE VENTURE by Enid & Margaret Johnson


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Two well known authors collaborate on a career-romance that may at least inspire where it doesn't typify. Penniless after her once wealthy father's death in Chicago, Sally goes to Westchester County to try to sell the old family estate. It is a ""white elephant"", but to help, Sally gets a job with the local agent, Miss Hayes, and then actually runs the business herself during her boss's illness, and makes enough money through other sales to go to college. Her love life too, is complete. Two boys are on hand and Sally finds her tastes in common with wealthy, understanding, cultured Bob Fisher. The goals are fine, but won with the use of a dream-come-truism most girls don't experience.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1954
Publisher: Romance for Young Moderns- Messner