MEXICAN TIME by Eoe Lund Schiller


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Intelligently emotional women's novel, which has considerable attraction. Even contrasts, conflicts, and a smooth touch for the story of Hilary, Los Angeles carearist, widowed at 34, who goes down to the lazy primitive Mexican village of LaFloreada, partly as a vacation, but partly to survey the possibilities of opening a casino there. She stays on the ranch of proud, handsome Armando Santyana, who is more than ""just a Mexican"". She fights his attraction for her, afraid it is a case of ""Mexican time"", and aware that he does not want a passing affair. Eventually, she gives way to her passions, and when she finds she is pregnant, is forced to make the decision between the two civilizations, and chooses his.

Pub Date: Nov. 23rd, 1943
Publisher: Macmillan