Look Better, Feel Better, and Live a Better Life (Vol. 1)
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A comprehensive book that details and outlines how to achieve optimum fitness and improve one’s quality of life.

Torres is a convincing authority on exercise and diet—he reduced his waist size by 10 inches and has maintained a 70-pound weight loss for nearly 10 years. In an easy-to-read, conversational tone, the author provides a multitude of statistics and studies that support his approaches to weight loss and fitness. He gives some interesting insights into many of the factors that contribute to weight gain, including psychological, emotional and physiological components. Torres explains that humans’ ability to achieve long-term goals may be hindered by our basic instinct to survive, saying, “We are wired to pay most attention to what is happening now or in the near term.” The author also analyzes the various ways in which our moods affect our decisions and behavior. He explains the four main systems of the body, their function and how exercise enables these vital systems to operate at their optimum level. Torres emphasizes the power of positive imagery and visualization, even suggesting that the reader write an imaginary article about how achieving their fitness goals impacted their life. Though the author organizes the book by topics such as commitment, lifestyle management and techniques, there is a great deal of overlapping information—he recaps some concepts too often and repeats a few lists verbatim. In addition, although the tone of the book is positive and inspirational, the multitude of preliminary checklists, charts and self-assessments is daunting and may be off-putting to those anxious to venture into the unfamiliar territory of healthy living. Torres includes a body mass index table, a listing of caloric needs and an index showing calories burned per hour doing various activities. A helpful chart shows the length of time required for various weight-loss goals based on an average number of pounds lost per week.

Valuable, insightful information but may require too much forward planning.

Pub Date: July 5th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0615487168
Page count: 302pp
Publisher: Useful Tablet Apps
Program: Kirkus Indie
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