GREECE AND THE ISLANDS by Eric & Barbara Whelpton


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A lively guidebook to mainland Greece and the islands of the Adriatic and Aegean, this fills a very real need for the average tourist. All the essentials for a single book guide are here:-how to get where you are going, the main things and places to visit, enough of the history and legend and story and fact to make for intelligent travelling, something of places to stay, where to eat- and what to eat and drink. It is all intelligently handled and shows an excellent grasp of the region. What the book lacks is a sense of the intertwining of mythology, legend, pre-history, archaeology and modern history; it seems perfunctory, as presented here, and is actually indelibly stamped on the Greek mind and emotion. But this lack is unimportant; it is readily balanced in other works (for example, in the books of Edith Hamilton, or more recently, Greek Horizons by Helen Hill Miller (Scribner- see report 1961- p. 422) or some of the books by Robert Payne and Leonard Cottrell. Recommended for your travel shelf.

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