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SPINNING DIXIE by Eric Dezenhall


by Eric Dezenhall

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 2007
ISBN: 0-312-34063-X
Publisher: Dunne/St. Martin's

Who spins the spinmeister?

When President Truitt misspeaks, his press flack Jonah Eastman takes the hit, leaving him jobless but available to come to the aid of the girl of his youthful dreams, a flower of the Confederacy who got away 25 years ago when she disdained this grandson of a Jewish casino czar for the scion of a good Tennessee family. Now Claudine Polk is about to lose her heritage, Rattle & Snap, the plantation her family has lived on for more than 200 years, to J.T., her soon-to-be ex. Itching for one last chance to best J.T., Jonah is tempted to tell him that the daughter he thinks he fathered is probably Jonah’s. Thanks to a certain Panamanian super-sleuth and Claudine’s kid brother and his band of Civil War re-enactors, the plantation J.T. needs to hide his toxic-sludge-dumping is about to become a media circus. Once Jonah floats the highly imaginative idea that Confederate gold is hidden there, the whole nation is abuzz with who it belongs to now—the Polks or the Feds. Will Jonah win back his southern princess? Will Truitt give him his job back? How many people will dupe him before this coming-of-middle-age saga comes to an end?

Dezenhall (Turnpike Flameout, 2006, etc.) wryly suggests that even if beauty engulfs a man, a Jewish granny with showgirl legs and a yenta mentality knows best.