ANTHOLOGY OF THE BIBLE by Eric Foreword by the Very Rev. C.A. Alingt Parker


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Not to be left behind the great simplification process religion, too, joins the movement and Mr. Parker has sifted, sorted, selected and systematized the bible in a most efficient manner. Here a hurried priest or harassed teacher will be able to turn to any desired subject, read several passages, choose the one he prefers and be ready at a moment's notice with an appropriate text or reading. But besides being a veritable thumb index to the bible many readers will find it a profitable source of study. Topical study is interesting, inspiring and enlightening and all the student will have to do with Mr. Parker's anthology is decide what topic he'd like to pursue --prayer, sorrow, joy, valour, trial, courage, sea, land, family life, brotherhood, womanhood, faith or what he will. -- He'll find it there.

Publisher: Lippincott