EPISODE by Eric Hodgins


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Some years later, Mr. Hodgins woke up from Mr. Blanding's Dream House to the reality of finding himself collapsed on the floor of a New York City apartment after a stroke or CVA (Cerebro Vascular Accident). This is a report on that ""Accident Inside My Skull"", a personal case history with an immobilizing immediacy of interest (more so than Douglas Ritchie's Stroke- 1961) and a very human approach to the everyday but not commonplace realities. Mr. Hodgins not only survived the actual episode but had to live with its idiosyncratic aftereffects or, the professional euphemism- Residuals. In the two year partial recovery recorded here, Hodgins was hospitalized three times; for the stroke, for a subsequent crackup, and for a broken hip. There are the long days and the longer nights with his darker thoughts; his months with two nurses; the ""tremendous trifles"", buttons, plumbing fixtures and hardest to accept, the typewriter. Mr. Hodgins' stroke hit him where he lived- he is a professional writer and his ""residuals"" involved a loss of speech, the ability to spell and the mechanical means of putting words on paper. His book is not only a very full record of what he learned and learned to cope with, but also indirectly a commentary on medicine. A verbatim account and while in most cases a stroke is an isolating experience, it is nothing of the kind here; readers will pursue its course with empathy and expectant concern. The publishers will lend more than a helping hand.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1963
Publisher: Atheneum