THE AMERICAN WOMAN by Eric John Dingwall


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An aggressive assault on American womanhood bristles with British disapproval as it describes the ""sexual life of a significant number of American women of the upper and middle income groups"" and clarifies the general condition of women in the U.S. Sociologist Dingwall joins, of course, not only a number of our native critics (Wylie, Strecker, Farnham & Lundberg, etc.) but has assembled quite an of amplifying material from our books, periodicals, newspapers. He has also taken the trouble to go back to colonial times to put the blame on the collapse of the Puritan ideal for the dichotomy between the sexes. So that today's by no means better but dominant half is in an unenviable position; she has attained equality and independence at the expense of contentment at home; her sexual life is unsatisfactory in a ""sex-obsessed country"" with its bust and bottom fetishes and all the other phenomena of glamor; her maturity is delayed (boop boop a doop and Peter Pan collars) while she retards the emancipation of her children, and the so-called man of the house submerges himself in business; and all of our media, radio, television, and particularly Hollywood, do much to condition, control and reflect her superior status but sorry state..... The market- cherchez la femme she likes abuse (at any rate, she should want to be submissive).

ISBN: 0548385564
Publisher: Rinehart